Thailand Travel Advice – Things to do in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most mysterious countries in the world. There are millions of people that travel to this country every year but this country always finds a way to surprise the visitors even if they have travelled there for more than one time. Thailand lures with its special oriental exoticism and unexplored places. Tourists from around the globe come to Thailand to visit the amazing Buddhist temples and royal palaces and witness the specific lifestyle that Thai people have. Almost all tourists who go there fall in love with this country after just few days. People come to Thailand to see the stunning beauty of the landscape – the golden beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise sky that reflects in the sea. They also go to Thailand in order to explore the life of the ancient cities and learn more about the rich Thai tradition and culture. True hospitality, faces with smiles on them, exoticism, impenetrable jungles are some of the things you can expect in Thailand. If this is the first time you are visiting Thailand we would suggest visiting some of these places.


You can’t feel the real Thai spirit if you don’t visit the capital of this amazing country – Bangkok. This is a very vibrant city and a city that literally never sleeps. This is the place where you can find some unique and some typical Thai things like – from floating markets, exclusive shopping centers and world famous nightclubs to ancient Buddhist temples, Thai restaurants and beautiful parks.

Chiang Mai

If you are wondering why Thailand is so mysterious you should visit Chiang Mai. This is a place where you can find over 300 Buddhist temples, dense jungle around the city, villages of native people and interesting museums.

Phuket Island

There is a good reason why millions of tourists visit this amazing island. Long sandy beaches, beautiful weather and ancient structures are some of the things you will find on Phuket Island. There are several Buddhist temples that are older than 3-4 centuries located on this island. You can also join a Muay Thai camp or take some incredible photos from few viewpoints nestled around the beautiful surroundings of Phuket Island.