Phuket and its famous beaches

Travel is a great past time and rejuvenation activity. This can bring a lot of memories for the people travelling. One always looks for a great getaway where they can relax along the beaches. Phuket is one such destination that can be looked forward to. It has become famous for tourists because of the beautiful beaches it has to offer. You may find many beach resorts alongside the sea coast which offer an amazing view.

There are many famous beaches like the Patong beach which is busiest one of all. It also has many great restaurants for the food lovers. Surin beach is also the next famous beach in Phuket. This place is famous for real estate but is very crowded in high season. The Kamala beach is located at the north of Patong beach. It is famous for the relaxing and quiet environment. This beach sees a lot of European visitors throughout the year.

The Karon beach is on the south of Patong beach and is just a few kilometres away. It has a nice view along with affordable rates for the visitors. Kata is a popular Phuket beach; it consists both Kata Yai and Kata Noi. Rawai is a local beach and is famous with local only. It is also famous for the local sea food restaurants. Phuket is a very well-known place for sun kissed sands and turquoise beaches. Apart from the beaches there are many water sports and activities that lure the tourists towards it. These activities include the scuba diving along with a closer look of the marine life within. One can also feed the fishes with their own hands. It is a lifetime of an experience. Phuket is mostly famous for the peace it provides to the tourists who come here to relax and rejuvenate. It has become a world beach destination in a very short span of time.