Travel to Thailand for the best temple experience

Thailand is a land of smiles. This is because the people of Thailand preach the teachings of Lord Buddha. His teachings showed the people to live a very simple and peaceful life. This is also shown in the architecture of the temples. Like every culture has some beliefs and values which they cherish, we as visitors should make sure that we respect them while exploring it. The dressing should be appropriate to maintain decency. Of course no one would want to wear and bikini and visit the temples. It is a very disrespectful way of entering any temples for that matter.
The shoes and footwear should be removed outside the temples and even at houses. This way the floors are clean for walking. The mud, dirt or any animal dropping as well do not come into the temples along with the footwear. A small offering of donations in the donation box would be a way to show gratitude. It also helps in maintaining the temples as which is why you are here as visitors. There are two categories of temples in Thailand i.e. the royal and common temples. The royal ones are built out of royalty or by some sponsorship and the common ones are built just like any other temple.
You may find about 200 royal temples in Thailand and approximately 6 of them are of high grade. Buddhism is spread around the world and many tourists who follow Buddhism come to Thailand to pay their respect to Lord Buddha. One of the holiest Buddhist spots in Thailand is the Wat Phra Kaeo. It is special as it was the home to the Emerald Lord Buddha. It also has another name called as the Temple of Emerald Buddha. The temple of Dawn known as Wat Arun is really a sight at night. The porcelain and ceramics are decorated in such a way that the spot lights give a different perspective to the temple.

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