Thailand – Short Guide

Thailand is a kingdom located in the central part of Southeast Asia. While we are talking about is location it is interesting to mention that many people say that when they look at Thailand on a map they see an elephant – the body is located on the Malaya Peninsula (between the Andaman Sea and Thai Bay) while the head including the ears can be recognized on the continental part of the country – the east and the north provinces. Thailand has natural borders with several neighboring countries – Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Thailand is on the 50th position when it comes to the largest countries in the world.

Those who plan to travel to Thailand probably think about it as a country with long sandy beaches and clear waters. Although this is true it is good to know that Thailand is much more. It is a well known fact that the beaches in Thailand are one of the most beautiful in the whole world and some of the best are located on Phuket Island, Ko Samui, Ko Phi Phi and Krabi. Besides the beaches Thailand is a land that has several different climate regions rich in different types of flora and fauna. This country is covering a large area from the coast of the Malay Peninsula to the mountains on the north. So, it is no wonder why Thailand has dozens of national parks, including two dozens of underwater national parks and the best part is that each of them has its own beauty and fantastic animals. Samet, Ang Tong, Doi Intanon are some of the most famous national parks. People that enjoy trekking, photography, bird watching, diving, camping or simply enjoy nature will love Thailand.

It is not only the nature that makes Thailand attractive. The numerous cities with their own rich history are also attractive destinations. The most modern city is of course the capital – Bangkok. This huge city has a special charm that is especially visible during the night. Shopping, clubbing, visiting historical places and temples are some of the things that you can do there. Some other cities worth visiting are Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai on the north and Phuket City on the south.

Thailand is an excellent travelling destination for all types of people because this country has literally everything needed to satisfy the needs of tourists.