Information and facts about Thailand

Thailand (or officially the Kingdom of Thailand) is a truly amazing country. This country has over 100 national parks, which speaks a lot about its attractiveness when we talk about natural beauties. Thailand is the homeland of one of the most exciting cities in the world – Bangkok where everyone can find something for themselves, good night life, shopping, nature, cultural heritage, beaches, food and a lot more! Tourists from around the globe visit Thailand in every time of the year. If you want to travel to Thailand and especially if you have never been there before, you will find the following information about Thailand very useful.

Landmarks in Thailand

On your trip in Thailand besides the magical and mesmerizing sandy beaches you can also see several hundred Buddhist temples (Wat). Wat Phra Kaeo is considered to be the holiest among them and it is located in the Grand Palace. The Grand palace itself is an interesting mixture of many different styles starting from ancient Thai architectural style to Western styles. Wat Arun is another landmark that looks almost surreal when it is observed during the sunrise. While you are in Thailand you can visit numerous museums that will help you understand the rich history of this country.

Food and Thai cuisine

Use your vacation to explore Thai exotic cuisine. This cuisine is completely unknown for the outsiders and its main ingredient is rice. What is interesting about Thai cuisine that they usually serve several dishes during the meal so you can make combinations of the food that you find on the table. People who love noodles will find Thailand to be real paradise for noodles because you can find noodles in all forms and types here. When it comes to alcohol you will probably have to order some imported wine because Thais don’t produce some notable alcohol drinks. Thailand is famous for non-alcoholic cocktails because this country is rich in exotic fruit.

Floating markets in Thailand

This is one of the main attractions on the capital Bangkok. There are few different floating markets that are offering different things – from fruits and vegetables to clothing. We highly recommend the floating market that deals with orchids. The view on that market is amazing.

Traveling to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand is certainly one of the most desirable options because of the attractions and the low prices. If you want real adventure visit this country, explore it, experience it and enjoy in one of the most beautiful beaches and most beautiful sunrises in the world. One thing is sure – you will never forget your trip there!


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