Planning to visit Thailand

Thailand Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit Thailand it is always a good idea to prepare yourself on time. There are few things that you should know before you travel to Thailand.


First of all, almost all foreign citizens need visa in order to enter Thailand. You can obtain visa in the Thai embassy or consulate in your country or you can get visa through the tourist agency that you will use. You can also obtain visa upon arrival but this is not recommended.

Medical precautions

When it comes to medical prevention, it is good to point out that travelers don’t need to take special vaccines before entering Thailand. All the additional information on various diseases that are common in Thailand can be found on the internet.


Thailand has typical tropical climate which means that there are only two weather seasons – dry and rainy. However these seasons occur and last for a different period of time depending on the region. There is a so-called hot season which occurs just before the rainy season begins.

Rainy season usually starts from July and lasts till October. This is a period of monsoon rains which usually means one or two rainy periods every day. Rainy days are unpredictable and it can rain for several days in a row. Despite all that, the weather brings pleasant temperatures of around 30 C (85 F).

The hot season lasts from March to May and this is the period with the highest temperatures. It is not unusual to witness temperatures of 40 C. What is interesting is that the islands remain with bearable temperatures during this season.

The dry season lasts from November until February. This is the period with the most pleasant and stable weather of around 25 to 35 C.


Thai cuisine is famous all around the world because of the specific taste. What is special about this food is the huge number of ingredients used in their preparation. Thai people use several spices in every meal. People in Thailand like to drink tea and enjoy fresh fruit.


Despite the civil unrest that happened in Thailand few months ago, Thailand is perfectly safe for foreigners.