Thailand Travel Guide – How to have a spectacular holiday in Thailand

One of the main reasons why Thailand is the best travel destinations in the world today is the many different things that people of all ages can do while they are on a holiday in this amazing exotic country. It is really difficult to list all the things that you can do there and chances are that you won’t be able to do all of them in a two or three week stay there, so that’s why we are presenting a shortlist of the must-do activities in Thailand.

Scuba diving

Thailand isn’t beautiful only on the ground. The beauties of this incredible Asian country can be found beneath the water surface too. Professional scuba divers from all over the world can confirm that this is one of the most interesting locations because of the many different terrains found in Thailand and the rich flora and fauna.  This is especially true for the south part of Thailand where you can find some amazing specimens of marine animals. If you want to find out more about this activity we suggest visiting some of the popular islands there like Phuket Island where you can join a course.

Beach parties

This is another popular activity for foreigners who come here to charge their energy and to enjoy life. The nightlife of Thailand is known worldwide, but visiting a beach party that lasts until early in the morning is something unforgettable. There are parties of this type in almost every tourist hotspot in Thailand especially in the previously mentioned islands.

Thai massage

Even if you have never been to Thailand before you have probably heard about Thai massage. Thai massage is practiced all over the globe, but there is no better way to experience it in its natural form then to hire a masseuse in Thailand. They can give you massage on spot (while sunbathing) or you can choose to visit a special facility where you will get one –hour treatment.

Muay Thai training

If you are looking for a way to get in shape or to lose weight then we suggest Muay Thai training in a camp. Thailand is the birthplace of Thai boxing or Muay Thai as locals call this martial art. Both men and women can take classes that will help them get rid of extra weight and activate all the muscles in their body. This is an excellent choice for a pro-active vacation.