Thailand – Travel Guide

Thailand is a mesmerizing country in the heart of Southeast Asia that attracts more than 20 million tourists from around the world every year. Tourists can visit Thailand’s beautiful cities, islands and coast in all seasons because of the beautiful weather.

When people travel to Thailand they usually land in the capital Bangkok. It is hard to explain how huge Bangkok is. You will understand that once you need to travel from one part of the city to the other. Streets are crowded with vehicles and people and that’s why you need to pick the right time when to travel with a vehicle. Avoid rush hours. But even if you are stuck in a rush hour you will forget all about that once you reach your destination because this city is simply amazing. When we talk about traveling from the airport to the city with a taxi, you should be ready to pay around 350-500 Thai Baht for the service. This information will be ready useful for those who don’t know anything about the prices in Thailand. The prices are surprisingly low. When you are in the city use a tuk-tuk – one of the symbols of Bangkok and a ride with a tuk-tuk can cost you between 150 and 400 Thai Baht. A special type of traveling is ride on the river Chao Phraya which includes visiting some of the most famous Buddhist temples like Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

When it comes to currency, exchange your money in official exchange bureaus and count the money before you go because the banknotes look similar. Don’t leave any valuable things in the hotel room and if you need to talk avoid phone booths. Buy a SIM card instead.

If you want to explore the night life in Bangkok visit Khao San Road. You can find hundreds of young people having fun every night there in dozens of restaurants and bars. If you like shopping visit Chatuchak Weekend Market one of the largest markets in the whole world. Visit Pantip Plaza if you want to find cheap electronic gadgets.

When we talk about Thailand in general, no matter if you are in Bangkok or on the beautiful Phuket Island don’t forget to try Thai cuisine. This cuisine is simply wonderful. Pad Thai noodles, seafood, tom yum soup, various types of dishes with pork and chicken meat are some of the meal that every person will find tasty.

These are some of the basic information about Thailand that every visitor should know before he or she decides to visit this beautiful country!

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