Thailand travel guide and tips

Thailand is a kingdom located in Southeast Asia or Indochinese peninsula to be more precise. This exotic tropical country is rich with diverse natural beauties, unmatched historical and cultural monuments, warm sea, amazing beaches, tasty cuisine, unforgettable nightlife and entertainment. An interesting fact about this beautiful country is that although it has rich history it has never been colonized.

Thailand is a leading worldwide travel power for decades now. Some of the reasons for that is the suitable climate which can be described as tropical – hot and humid. The temperatures during January are around 20 to 22 Celsius degrees (68 to 72 Fahrenheit) and during July 29 to 31 C (84 to 88 F) which makes it perfect for visiting in all seasons.

There are many popular destinations in Thailand and we will mention some of them so you can have some basic information about this incredible country.

Bangkok – The capital city also known as the city of angels is the biggest city in Thailand. It is situated on the river Menam (Chao Phraya River) and it has a population of over 9 million inhabitants. There are more than 2000 hotels in Bangkok which speaks about its orientation toward tourists. Some of the interesting that you can see there are Suan Pakkad Palace (area with traditional Thai houses that once belonged to the Thai royal family), the Grand Palace (complex of buildings with incredible architecture and home of the emerald Buddha statue and the statue of Kinnon mythical creature), Wat Arun (the Biddhist temple that is one of the symbols of Bangkok).

Phuket Island – The biggest island in Thailand and for many tourists the most beautiful island in the world. It is known for the incredible beaches and many other smaller islands that surround it (like Phi Phi Island). Besides that you can visit the famous entertainment park called Phuket Fantasea or Simon Cabaret. You can also check some of the temples like Wat Chalong known for the beautiful paintings in it.

Koh Samui – This is another exotic island worth visiting. It is located on the southeast coast of Thailand and a place that is offering fantastic cuisine, great Thai massages, attractive beaches and cheap entertainment.

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