Koh Samui – Land Of Beauty

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Another famous attraction in Koh Samui is the big Buddha statue that will lie upon the northern coast in the island. Can be unarguably the most common symbol of Samui. This statue is a 12 meter tall golden Buddha. This idol is handily noticeable even from an exceptional distance, which a must see attraction.

In the spring, if you let is crawling with surfers, as the Cocoa beach Pier sponsors the annual Easter Surfing Festival. The pier also sponsors a warm weather concert series that recently offered the Beach Boys as headliners. The summer brings making use of bikini contests, some super skimpy, but from what i can glean, no thongs. In January there’s fight of the professional surfers, going for $85,000 in contest assets. Spectators can bring a picnic lunch, distributed on the beach, view this death defying ethnic background.

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The Quality Resort Patong Beach can be a boutique resort located just several steps from the south of Patong Coastline. Surrounding the resort are a plethora of shops offering a tempting array of merchandise and party favors.